Tuesday, September 29, 2015

50 Shades of Mars

5 x 5 x 3/4 inches, Abstract Ode to Mars

There is quite a story behind this painting.  First, this piece only the second abstract I've EVER painted.  I think the first was in 1969 or so.  I didn't get into painting abstracts because I stubbornly felt doing so was cheating.  But to paint a good abstract is not cheating.  You need interesting design/composition, good color/value and mixtures and understanding of the medium you are painting in.

So why did I paint an abstract today?  I'm on pain killers for oral surgery.  It's not that I'm all high or giddy, but I did let my guard down.  I wanted to paint something really fun.  But it turned out not to be totally fun because I was getting too tight with my brushwork and was loosing the imaginative effect I wanted.  I also wanted this to be a study is grey and would call the piece:  50 Shades of Grey.  
Turns out, I'm not that good with grey and moved to green instead.  Martians are still green right?  Even though Mars is the red planet.  I also got way loose with the brushwork and added palette knife patches.  

With the discovery of water under the terrain of Mars, I thought why not bring Mars into the title.  BTW:  There is a little martian portrait in this painting.  Can you find it?


  1. I like it! Really like it.
    Oral surgery? Hope it went well.

    1. Thank you Julie...I'm doing fine now but not sure I'll ever do an abstract again. But one never knows for sure while walking the artist path.