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Cooper In A Nap

New Year's Eve.

Today, I painted a Pug in oil.  I going to name it Party Pug.  It's too wet to scan, but I'm sure that by Monday or Tuesday, I'll be able to post it. Today's painting is another watercolor from sketches of my puppy, Cooper. I'm looking forward to 2011. 

Cooper's Morning

My First Daily Painting

I've decided to join the daily painter's movement.  It is the best move I can make for my growth as an artist. obtaining skills as an artist does not come by wishing them so.  Artistic skills are earned from years of painting.  Painting when you don't feel like it, painting inspite of the messes you are making, painting inspite of your best painting to date is one only your mother could love!  After years of bugging my husband for a dog, he finally said we could adopt a Mini-Schnauzer.  I found Cooper and he's been in our life for a little over 4 years.  It is only natural then, that my first posting would be a little watercolor of Cooper.