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June Daisies & A Bee June Daisies & A Bee 5 x 5 inches, Oil on Board   I have daisies in two different flower beds on my property.  I also have more than one area with raspberries, both black and red.  So for the past few days after supper, I've been outside picking, watering, weeding and cutting.   For today's painting, I decided to return to the garden and clip a few very fresh daisies.  I've been experimenting with painting bees and decided to add one to this piece.  What is left for today is studio cleanup and then order dinner-in from our favorite Italian takeout. My wishes for a blessed weekend go out today. - Brande

Another Bee Painting!

"Bees Knees" 4 x 4 inches, Oil on Board Click on Daily Paintworks widget to bid!   This painting is a followup to "Big Bottomed Bees".  That painting sold on the Daily Paintworks Auction and had 20 bids.  So being the starving artist that I am, I decided to do something close for some of those bidders to consider. AND...I have a commission to do a "Bee" painting, so this bee thing has gone much further than I ever thought it would.  My thanks to bee keepers and bee friendly folks out there. - Brande

Bubble Bees

Bubble Bees 5 x 7 inches, Watercolor WOW!  So many people, artists and otherwise have sent me email about yesterday's painting, Big Bottomed Bees, that I thought I'd try something similar but with watercolor.  I also worked on a larger piece today that I'm going to enter into competition. This piece will be called Adirondack Swimmer.  It is actually from a small Black & White Photo of a car that needed to be towed after my mom tried to back-up.   She was just dating my father back then and really did not want to learn how to drive.  Like 1948 or so.  Yes, she did successfully pass her driver's test and has not repeated backing up over a rock ledge into a lake since.  I'm hoping to finish this piece by next Friday. 

Big Bottomed Bees

Big Bottomed Bees 5 x 5 inches, Oil on Board As I was painting this, the bees put on weight around their rumps. I decided to go with it.. After all most of us put weight around our middles.  I had fun painting this happy troupe.  This will be posted to dailypaintworks as an auction. 

It Never Gets Old

It Never Gets Old 6 x 6 inches, oil on board I found the inspiration for this painting in a publication for an Animal charity.  When I first looked at the inspiration, I thought:  Here is an older man looking at art.  I can't tell how old the art is, it could be as old as he is, or it could be almost fresh from the framers.   Most importantly for any artist and collector, the privilege of viewing art never gets old.  So I had the title of this piece before I started painting. I'm going to post the process on my facebook page which is 

Elephant's Sun

Elephant's Sun 6 x 6", Oil on Board, NFS Decided to take-on another painting of an Elephant but this time an adult.  I've received some very positive response from some very qualified experts on yesterday's baby Elephant painting. Amy, this Elephant is for you! - With love from your mom.

Baby Elle

Baby Elle Oil on Board, 5 x 5 inches NFS This is today's daily painting.  My daughter, Amy loves Elephants and she collects Art that features them.  I wanted to do something a little different today and thought I'd go through my inspiration file.  I found a photo of a mother and baby Elephant and decided to paint just the baby. Of course,  I took out my artist licence and I think the painting is one of my best ones yet.  The Elephant has some of the background color mixed into the skin tones.  I feel that I'm learning how to use brushwork to form what the subject is that I'm painting.  Anyone who paints knows how hard it is to get color and brushwork to sculpt.  I think this is the first painting I've ever did that sculpting has actually happened.

About Face

About Face 5 x 5 inches, Oil on Board, $ 60. Like most of working Americans I'm glad it's Friday.  Tonight is my night off from cooking and even though I use to have Neill take me to a restaurant, we have been ordering takeout.  We are blessed to have a great Italian pizzeria that will deliver more than a few miles from their shop.  Love their food! This painting is another in my sheep series.  I don't feel the need to stop painting sheep yet, so on Monday, they'll probably be another posted.  Stay tuned.  Titled About Face because of the unusual pose.  Weekend blessings go out to you from me!

7th Sheep

7th Sheep 6 x 6 inches, Oil on Board $ 80. I painted this piece much earlier in the day today.  My studio time was interrupted by a doctors appointment followed by some erruns with my mom.  I feel like the sheep series is progressing with me learning something unexpected with every painting in this series.  That is just what I wanted to happen, so I'm a very happy shepherd right now.

Sheep # 5, in shade

Sheep # 5, in shade 4 x 4 inches, oil on board $ 40. I'm so happy to have been able to paint today as I think I have the bug that is going around,  This is a small piece and so far, I want to continue to paint sheep.  Don't know how many paintings will make up this series yet. I started my day with a darn good drawing of Cooper in one of his stretched out poses.  Warmer weather brings out that kind of pose.  I hope to post it tomorrow.  Speaking of warmer weather, both Cooper and Cookie need a haircuts & bath...they stink!

Cotton Balls

Cotton Balls, Sheep # 4 Oil on Board, 6 x 6 inches, $ 60.  I'm fortunate to live in a part of NY where there are several farms that feature sheep.  A few rural homes in my close neighborhood, are now taking on raising one or two sheep. Took several pictures earlier today of some little animals who were attending the same one day festival as I was.  I shortly afterwards, got to drawing portraits of children.  It was a good day.
Number 3, Sheep Series 5 x 5 inches, Oil on Board I've decided to create a sheep series to better hone my skills with a subject that I love.  I could sit on a blanket with a picnic lunch to just watch these little love bugs for hours.  I can't do that, so the next best thing is to either paint en plein aire from the back of my car or take some pictures and paint them in my studio. Over the years, I've done both.  I onced got kissed by a sheep.  I'll never forget it.  

New Field

"New Field"  Oil on Board, 5 x 5 inches $ 65.     This is a second attempt at painting a sheep that I photographed about a month ago.  I tried a different approach and I'm more mindful of making a plan and sticking to it.  I'm to quick to keep working an area that should be left alone. I have to say, I'm pleased, but can't wait to get back to the easel tomorrow to reinforce what I learned today.