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Monday Morning and Friday's Lucy

It is a very cold January day.  It does not make it better that it is also Monday.  This painting of Lucy is from Friday's work. She is a Beagle Puppy.  I hope to do a small watercolor today and then work on in Oil on my large Coyote piece. I've just started an etsy account and you can find me there under StudioDogsandCats. 

Happy Shi-Tzu To You

Today, I painted a small watercolor of a Shi Tzu.  Some how I have a photograph of one.  This photo is quite old, so I don't know who's puppy I took the picture of and when.  But I'm pleased with the outcome of this watercolor and after lunch it's on to the oil painting section of the studio to begin the large painting of the neighborhood Coyote.   


For today's post is another watercolor, but this time it's my first feline.  I think it looks like a cat painting, not so much a portrait of a specific cat. It is late in the morning and I'm supposed to be in the car on my way to workout.  Yet, my lazy self wants to stay home.  I'm going though because I've come too far in my quest to stay fit, to let it all go. For my next big painting, I have a couple of photo-references of a local Coyote caught on film by the motion activated camera of someone in the neighborhood.  I really can't wait to get started on it and that may happen today. So now, it's off to the gym. - Brande

Two Sides & Two Dogs

I have two paintings to post today.  They represent the extremes in emotions.  Some days are just plan hard to take.  They make us feel like the Chihuahua, wondering what's going to happen next.  Oh- we can bark and nip like this breed is noted for, but the effect is the same, more of a nuisance than true power.  Then on other days we feel like the Pug, strong to the bone and ready to take on whatever the day will bring. I have had both emotions this month.  My rather new printer was not working well and was only getting worse.  Because I did not know what was going to happen next, I felt like the Chihuahua.  The printer problem was getting to me but what got to me more, was the constant battle with my lastest larger painting of two deer in my woods.  I just could not paint what it needed to finish the painting and I was feeling the same as when I have to yawn and I can't get a good enough yawn to end the nagging desire to yawn!  Well yesterday, I resolved the printer issue

Purple Hound

Feeling overwhelmed with what is on my plate.  I have too much paperwork to do and it's robbing me of my studio time.  I shouldn't complain, I have control of my day as I'm self employed.  Also, I loose my natural light early which really frees me up to do paperwork.  It's just that there is so much to do.  I plan to work longer into the evening to get caught up. I just finished a watercolor of a Basset Hound.  A regal dog.  When I look at how the painting came out, I wonder what's on his mind.  The background is purple, my granddaughter, Corina's favorite color.  This image can have prints made.  Highlight, copy and paste on your browser the following: <a href='' size='20'><img src='' alt='Art Prints' title='Art Prints' style

Cornflowers ll

Winter and studio florals

Yesterday I wanted to post, but life got in the way again.  I have two paintings to post today.  Cornflowers l & ll were painted in oil a week ago and are now dry enough to be scanned.  So they are my posted paintings for today. It is very cold outside.  We had a smaller share of the recent snow storm - 6" or so.  It's the kind of day to stay inside if you can.  I can't, I have to go out when it gets even colder...tonight!  Well it's art related. - Brande

Waiting for the Mommie Wolf

I decided this morning, that I needed to paint a wolf.  Wolves are very misunderstood on both ends of logic.  Far extreme in one direction would be fear and shooting them on sight.  The other extreme is trying to make them into domestic pets. It is my opinion that either way, the wolf looses.  They are beautiful creatures and admired for their hierarchy of the pack. Rudyard Kipling wrote about this in The Law of the Jungle : "Now this is the law of the Jungle--as old and true as the sky; and the Wolf that shall keep it may prosper but the Wolf that shall break it must die.  As the creeper that girdles the tree-trunk, the Law runneth forward and back--For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack." This baby wolf is waiting for the return of his mom.  Even though this wolf is very young, the way the painting turned out, you can see the strength of the pack in his eyes.

Peppermint Mailboxes

It's another cold windy day.  There is sunshine which is rare in Rochester, NY  during January and February and I'm thankful for that. I'm posting a painting I did outside our local cafe "Sweet Solutions"  The owner-chef makes the best soups to keep us warm, not to mention her delicious cookies, cakes and pastries.  We are blessed that she decided to set up shop in Ionia, NY.   It is also available through ebay auction. I hope to finish my Deer painting today.  It is a large piece that I have been working on for over two weeks.  Not every day, but several painting sessions and it's almost done.  Not everything I'll do from here on, will make the Deer painting work.  That is why it takes so long. -Brande

Small Blessings

I've been spending the afternoon struggling with my printer.  It is yet to be resolved.  But I decided to check my email and found that Cooper's Morning and Party Pug sold on ebay auction!  There will be nothing I enjoy more than to be a regular visitor at my local postoffice, mailing my little gems to their new patrons.


This little guy is from an older watercolor sketch I did after spying a chipmunk in action a few years ago.  I tried to memorize what I saw as I did not have a camera or any drawing equipment with me when he made his appearence.  So when he bolted, I did too and went right up to the studio.  I decided to repaint him this morning for the blog.  Chipper is available for sale as a print or card by going to  

Who You Look'n At

Doesn't he look like he's ready to finish a fight?  Took me longer that I thought it would to paint this little Ferret. He's got attitude so he was arguing with me every minute of this painting session.  I was going to paint the background pink and he wanted gang symbols, so we compromised on a neutral green background. On another note, today is the first day in many that I have not woken up with a headache. - Now I'm off to the gym. This painting and all the others before it, can be purchased through ebay auction. 

One Plump Beagle

This older puppy (all dogs are perpetual puppies to me) has more to love than the younger whipper-snapper ones jumping, running and barking.  Shes been there, done that and now sees the wisdom of being still and relaxing.   So what if she has a bigger belly. I have a very good friend who says: "I do my best work sitting down with my lipstick on."  Although this puppy does not have her lipstick on, she does her best work sitting down.

A little squirrel

I started my day out with my least sore foot forward.  I'ts not even noon and I've already made major changes, responded to setbacks and frustrations.  So today, I post a watercolor I finished before all the shannigans started.  Life can be blessed by looking out the window.

Technology and the Artist's Brain

Tried to use my cell phone to take a picture of today's oil painting of a plump Beagle.  It took a very nice image, however, I've lost the jacket that the photo-card slides into for the scanner-printer.  I'm so upset with myself.  We have a very old digital camera that does not work as well as my cell phone. So until the painting dries, I'll have to post another sketch of Cooper.

Party Pug & New Year's Day

I am blessed by a visit from my daughter, Amy.  We have this thing going where we re-arrange each other's furniture.  The best way to do this is when the victim is at work or out an errun. I have my Christmas tree and years of decorations standing guard so she can't attack with this visit...but I know she has plans! Party Pug is dry, so he started his day getting scanned.  He didn't like it anymore than the public likes the airport scanner. But he is happy that just his unforgettable face is the only part that got scanned.

Cooper, Nighty-nite

Happy New Year!

My Granddaughter, Corina had her BFF join her for an New Year's Eve overnight.  I set them up with chocolate cake, Ice Cream, Raspberry Ginger-ale and permission to stay up until the ball dropped.  They set up their forts in the living room by the big TV.  No, not a flat screen, but a 1980's vintage console! I'm too old for the ball drop and fell asleep around 10:30 last night.  To my horror, they were still talking at 4:00 am.  They are 11 & 10 years old.  They lost their beauty sleep and it will catch up with them.  They have just set their genes for a wrinkle to appear when they turn 38! I'm about to begin our New Year's Day breakfast of slab bacon, pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. I've posted a sketch of Cooper from July 14, 2010.