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Glass, Water and Apple

Glass, Water and Apple Oil on Board 5 x 7 inches. All this week, I've been working on a very large Black Bear painting, it's almost finished. Yesterday I decided I should take some time to brush up with a daily small painting and so the painting, Glass, Water and Apple was created. I'm happy with the outcome of yesterday's efforts, but it took too long to capture the glass.  I scraped it off three times to re-paint before getting it rendered to look like a glass of water.  I learned again the lesson that less is more.  It only takes one bad brush stroke to ruin a painting full of good ones.   Here is a close up shot with my cell phone.  I finally ordered my 16 megapixel camera and expect it to be delivered early March.   


"Oscar" is the painting I've been working on all week.  It's 18 x 24 inches, oil on panel.  I love the way it came out.  I've marked my progress with my cell phone camera to share on this site. Disclaimer:  I know I have to get a 16 megapixel digital camera.  I was doing some window shopping on-line yesterday.  I don't have the confidence to buy yet.  Oscar will be entered into an art show where he hopes to catch the judge's eye.  He refuses to dance, so the rules of making a good painting will have to do the trick. - pun intended   Rules like good composition, color relationships, balance of light and dark values and mastery of your medium.  None if these rules come from an artist as a trick, but rather after years of hard work.  This is the start of the painting.  I decided to have Oscar standing on boulders rather than logs. Below is the mid-way point. It's not a good shot, but you can see that I tried to paint one of the front paws

Studio Muse Tools

I love green glass.  I love brand new paint brushes.  This piece of glass is quite old, but it's not green hence the green cloth it rests on.  My brushes need to be replaced, so I lined up two of the worse for this painting. I spent too much time yesterday looking for replacement brushes on-line.  I can't find the exact same series.  Like any artist, I don't want to change what I work with, so not being able to find these brushes causes anxiety.  Well at least I don't have a migraine!

Corina's Spa Fish

This is a painting of my granddaughter's fish that she, at the advanced age of twelve, now leaves behind when she takes a bath.  It is sad, as she continues to grow up, more favorites of her childhood are being left behind. The name of this painting is Corina's Spa Fish  because even as a little tyke, bathtime was a spa-like ritual at this grandma's house.  The whirlpool tub, at least an hour in the tub, followed by a hot towel fresh from the dryer.  The fish has s spot of honor in the bathroom in a clear plastic container repurposed as it's dust tank.

Beauty of Old Glass

The Glass Flask is the name of this painting.  It's 6 x 6 inches, oil on gessoboard and will start at $ 20.00 through   click for the auction tab and then look for me. Another overcast and wintry day in Rochester, NY land.  I found this old glass flask last Saturday when I was organizing my linen closet and thought it would make a great daily painting subject.  In real life, it's nice and thick.  It's fresh out of the dishwasher so it's squeeky clean.  The flask is glad it was not forgotten.