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Little Dee, No.1

Little Dee, No. 1 - Oil on Canvas, 2 x 2 inches with Easel $20. Buy with Paypal This is an experiment  to force myself to say more with less.  Painting with less brushwork because I have to!  Also, I don't paint on canvas, so I have to get use to that.  But I am having fun.

Dee in Charge

"Dee in Charge" 4 x 4 inches, Oil on Gessoboard Sold - Thank you! I've been on the wrong side of bad luck with health lately.  My mom has been ill and then I had another episode of A-Fib which keeps me in bed.  But there is a good side to being in bed / sick and that is:  When you recover you have a heightened sense of enjoying life and I mean really heightened!
This morning, I noticed chickadees at the bird feeder and decided to add fresh seed for them.  When I walked to the station, a young chickadee was perched very close and the bird stayed as I slowly walked closer.   I was struck by how beautiful this bird looked and I'm sure it's that heightened sense of enjoying life that made my eyes focus so well.

Little Visitor

"Little Visitor" 5 x 5 inches, Oil on GessoboardBuy on Paypal $ 60.
This little girl, is inspired by a recent post to my facebook page.  Some people do a great job sharing their time and resources with Hummingbirds.  One woman set up many feeders for Hummingbirds just outside her living room where she keeps one window open.  
She enjoyed a little broad billed Hummingbird visitor who wanted to perch on her finger.  After a short while she flew to to feeder again to join the others but while the visit took place, someone filmed it and thus posted on facebook.
I have to say, these kind of posts make my day...maybe my week.

Sally, retouch

"Sally" 5 x 5 inches retouched - Sold
On Sunday, Sally found a home.  So this happy artist pulled her from her temporary home in my studio and to my horror, she had a scratch!  
When I painted Sally, I seem to remember doing something new with my palette knife, but don't think I noticed, that part of the knife actually placed a fairly sharp scratch on the top of her tail feathers.  Looking closer, I also noticed another  on her breastbone.
So we had to fix that.  The top image is of Sally after the repair.  The bottom is Sally before.  Look at the far right just above her top tail feathers and then to the far left by her breast bone.  How could I have missed these scratches?