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Otter Mug Shot No. 6

Otter Mug Shot No. 6, 5 x 5 inches, Oil on Gessoboard Buy with Paypal  $ 60. The last day of 2014 finds me in the studio being inspired to paint another River Otter.  Just love these adorable playful creatures.  This otter and artist wish all a very safe and happy New Year's eve celebration.  I have my wonderful granddaughter visiting and soon we'll be hitting the market to load up a cart full of junk food.  

Softie The Snowman

"Softie The Snowman" 4 x 4 inches, Oil on Gessoboard Sold - Thank you I felt like painting a snowman today, because looking out my studio window is like looking at a snow globe.  Not a blizzard mind you, but large, fluffy snowflakes falling gracefully from above.  Good thing because this poor snowman has started to melt and needs reinforcements. 

Merry Christmas...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Our Christmas wish is for everyone to carry a warm glow in their heart during this special time of the year...even when the world is sometimes very cold.

Cooper Oil Sketch

"Cooper" 5 x 7 inches, Oil on Gessoboard, NFS Painted for the Daily Paintwork's Furry Friend challenge.  Let me introduce my doggie, Cooper.  He splits his workday between keeping me company in the studio and being a couch potato,  When his daddy gets home, he 's in his home office.  At about 4:30 or so, he keeps my mom company in her studio apartment we made for her.  On Saturdays he continues with his life-long quest to kill my vacuum.  He could be upstairs sound asleep and if I just put my hand on the vacuum, he's downstairs in a flash, barking all the way.  For as long as I vacuum, he's there at the business end of the vacuum, barking, growling and yes biting.  He's 8 1/2 years old and we are on our third vacuum.   

Sunshine Otter

"Sunshine Otter" 5 x 7 inches, Oil on Gessoboard - Sold This otter was a commission and a pleasure to paint.  But there was a challenge though, that being the tail as this otter is sitting with his tail between his legs.  I guess otters do that, so I decided to soften the tail and feet and make it all about the cute little otter face and whiskers.

Blue Jay No. 6

Blue Jay No. 6- oil on gessoboard, 6 x 6 inches Sold - Thank you Process Pictures I offer a variety of bird seed and by doing so, attract Blue Jays and Woodpeckers.  I try to keep my camera or phone handy so I can snap pictures.  I've also just started sketching them.  They go to bed early, so I try to get at the window by 3:30 pm.  I'll post some sketches when they are post worthy.

Perched Tufted Titmouse

"Tufted Titmouse" 6 x 6 inches, Oil on Gessoboard Buy on Paypal Painted from a photo.  I replaced the birdfeeder perch with a tree branch.  Artist licence kind of thing.   process pictures Yesterday, It snowed quite hard.  I worry about animals and birds when old man winter blows his nose.  So yesterday found me staring out the window at the birdfeeders.  That in of itself is not unsusal, but what was?   The length of time I was at the window, wringing my hands in worry for my birds. The voice in your head that bosses you around started up:  "If your going to be spending all this time, looking out the window at the birds, then pull out the sketchbook and draw them."  Well, I rounded up my very magic pencil and my sketchbook and got started.  I forgot the kneaded eraser.  Ok, I'm not going to get up and get it.  Started to draw and found that I needed my binoculars.  Well, they were reachable on the end table.  Before you know it,  I was struggling t


"Smudge" 8 x 10 inches Oil on Gessoboard  $ 220.  Framed  Buy with Paypal Smudge is a rare black squirrel who has taken up housekeeping in my backyard.  He mostly stays in the back while his grey cousins spend all day working my bird feeders.  Not that any squirrel would ever go hungry if they could just remember where they hid the plentiful acorns and black walnuts.   Smudge was painted from a photo I took a few weeks ago.  He's not a real big squirrel.  My guess is either he's the runt or a teenager.  Of course, when I first spied him, I didn't have my camera.  So I said a quick prayer, got my camera and hoped he'd still be up the tree when I got back to the window.  He was!  This almost never happens.  I cannot tell you how many wonderful pictures I missed because the camera doesn't hang on my neck. 

Holiday Snowman No. 3

ACEO, 2.5 x 3.5 inches, watercolor $ 12.00  Buy on etsy This might be my last snowman of this year.  I've got some wonderful bird pictures to move to and I'm anxious to get back to my oils.  These snowmen served me well though because I had a week full of appointments and not much time in the studio.

Holiday Snowman No. 2

Holiday Snowman No. 2, ACEO, 2.5 x 3.5 inches Original Watercolor NFS Watercolor is so easy to overwork.  So a few of my earlier snowmen didn't pass muster.  But then this fella happened.  Glad to meet him, he had so much to say.  I'll probably paint in oil tomorrow. best buddy in the art world.

Holiday Snowman

Holiday Snowman, ACEO, Watercolor Sold - Thank you Thought I try my hand at watercolor again.  Snowmen are especially popular during Christmas.  Really, who can resist a smiling snowman painting.  I so admire the work of the children who create them.