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Cooper 11 21

Another watercolor of my mini-schnauzer, Cooper.  I have so much to learn with watercolor.  After Thanksgiving, I'm going to open my oil painting pochade box and do a 6 x 6 of something!  I hope to have a respirator mask by then so I'll avoid a serious headache.

Headaches, Kitty & Kitty 2

Boy, I've been plagued by headaches.  For more than 20 years I've gotten migraine headaches that last 2 - 3 days about every 10 days.  I have medicine that usually works.  Lately though, I've been waking up daily with a dull annoying headache.  I can take OTC medicine for them, but every day? 

The headaches have bitten into my painting schedule.  My fear is that I'll have to give up painting with oil pigments.  I love this medium and I know being allergic to it will be a major loss in my life. So...

Yesterday, I decided to paint a small watercolor of a kitty. 
I liked the way it came out and was very happy, felt I'd accomplished something really good.  Then I looked at it today.  It needed more...not much more, I've learned that the hard way!  So, I went back into the piece and worked on the eyes and whiskers.
I guess I'm happy with the outcome.  I've been trying to tell myself that I can learn to love watercolor just as much as I love oils.  But for now,…

Cooper Sketch ll

Two days ago, I posted the start of this painting.  I finished it later that day.  Dry enough today to put on the scanner and show off.  I didn't do much, but somehow lost the effect I captured with Cooper's tail from the first. 

I'm enjoying my granddaughter's puppy, Isabella or Izzy.  I call her bellie, although she's been giving me plenty of cause to employ my mommie voice: ISABELLA!  WHAT DID YOU JUST DO?  She's about 5 months old and still needing to learn puppy etiquette lessons in addition to being potty trained.  But she is a big love bugger.

Cooper Sketch l

I want to do a series of Cooper Sketches as I have quite a few from my sketchbook to translate into oil sketches.  I like the practice of trying to say much with little. 

Halloween: We had a small basket of a variety of chocolate candy for our trick-or-treaters.  My husband felt I better shop for more, so yesterday I did.  We didn't need anymore candy.  It's now in the house screeming my name!  As we all know, chocolate has a way of screeming in the house and sticking to the thighs.  My husband could eat the whole basket and not one ounce would he gain! - Brande