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January 30 is Draw A Dinosaur Day!

And here is my offering.  This is the 6th year of DADD.  To see what other participating artists have done go to: .  It will take to to the facebook event also. 

The Demise of the Salt Shaker

 4 x 4 inches, oil on board.  Bidding will start at $ 15.00. I love all things related to the old-fashioned Dinner.  If  I'm traveling and I spy one, I'm stopping.  My expereince is, more than not, very good food at very good prices.  This is one of those salt shakers you find on the table there, although this one is sleeping on the job.

Snow On My Nose

It's Friday, I worked a full week as an artist on various projects.  Cooper had the pleasure of being my muse for a set of Artist's Trading Cards featuring him.  They are packaged and ready to go in tomorrow's mail.  In the meantime, here is one of the set, that I'm keeping for my collection.  I just can't give away or sell this little image.  It looks easy, but not so!

Watercolor Kitty

This is a 2.5 x 3.5 inch watercolor offered at $6.00 .  You'll see this tomorrow on Daily Paintworks. I am wrapping up my work week finishing computer generated work.  Woke up with another migraine and glad to have finished what I have done today.  Thank God for Furicet and Extra-Strength Excederin.


Here is another trading card promised to a painting collegue.  She loves animals and treated a local art group to a visit from her cat, Crispin while I was teaching how to make Artist Trading Cards.  It will be a pleasure to give this to her in a few weeks. Pugs, Pugs, Pugs Collectors and Pug lovers,  I have listed 5 of the 6 Yoggie paintings on ebay under the category of Pug collectables.  They ae all for auction starting a $ 20.00.  If you or someone you know is a Pug lover, please go to ebay and bid.

Yoggie 6

I'm sure glad I did this pose of Yoggie.  He was a smart Pug and I feel as though I caught the feeling of him in deep thought.  My husband, Neill, is celebrating an important birthday today.  He is 62 and could take early retirement, but he won't.    Time to bake his cake!

Yoggie 5

6 x 6 inch oil painting on gessoboard.  You can purchase through We are having quite the snowstorm here in the greater Rochester, NY area.  I am so glad I can stay honkered down in the studio with the woodstove going. 

Yoggie 4

I'm so glad I got this painting started and finished today.  I had so many interuptions to my easel time.  This is a 6 x 6 inch oil painting.  Available for $ 40.00 at

Yoggie 3

I'm very happy with the outcome of this daily oil painting.  6 x 6 inches and instead of listing it as a daily paintworks auction, its offered for $ 40.00 to the first Pug breed lover.  Yoggie lovers are also welcome to inquire.  Email me for more info.

Yoggie 2

I've offically launched my first series of orginal oil paintings.  I've been painting pretty much full time since 1998 and never executed a series.  Yoggie is a good subject to capture, especially since he is in doggie heaven.  This painting is for sale and measures 6 x 6 inches.   Go to to get in on the auction of this Yoggie piece.  Stay tuned for more Yoggie's!

Cookie Alert

She's not a chocolate chip cookie, she's Cookie the Schnoodle and she passes her time as a 10 lb. watch dog.  Everything gets noticed from a passing car, to the squirrels and deer.  We are trying to teach her to growl instead of bark.  It's going to be a long winter.   

Yoggie # 1

This is a 6 x 6 inch oil painting of Yoggie, my late father's Pug and his very best friend. My father was never overweight but poor Yoggie, had quite an appetite and must be, a slow metabolism.  There was just more of Yoggie to love and he loved my dad well. Yoggie died about 8 mos. before my dad did.  I really like the faces of Pugs and have quite a few pictures of Yoggie to start a series, so stay tunned for more.