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Sunflower Seeder

5 x 5 inches, Oil on Board     First, let me say how sorry I am for my fellow New Yorkers downstate who got slammed by Sandy.  Next, my heart turns to those others living in the states on the Eastern Seaboard who also got slammed.     I wasn't sure what to expect where I live, because of the wide swath of this storm, so I went out yesterday shopping for things like lots of bottled water, batteries, even two new flashlights.   My biggest worry was the wind and the 4 acres of trees that live here with me.  Some pretty close to the house.  I could just see in my mind one of those trees falling on the house.  But the Lord was good to our trees, they endured and we in this house did well.   All night long we had wind and even now as I write this, I can hear wind.  My little feeding station is being temporally ignored by my feathered babies.  They must be taking cover still.  This piece is painted from a photo a took

Got Our Mammo Gowns On!

Got Our Mammo Gowns On! 5 x 5 inches, Oil on Board   One of my Big Bottomed Bee collectors inquired recently asking if I'd consider painting the girls  doing something for Breast Cancer Awareness Month...which is October.   I decided right then yes, I'm going to paint something, but what was going to be a challenge.  Then it came to me, the mammogram gown!  And of course they had to be pink with lots of hearts for all the women who have to be brave and if you look close enough, these three are making a heart shape with their hands...right smack in the middle of the painting.   My love to all those who have faced the scary word, cancer and not just breast cancer either.  You are brave heroes who touch many hearts.   

Leftie & Mugsie

Lefty & Mugsie 4 x 4 inches, Oil on Board I couldn't resist the naming these two little sheep this title. I took the back way home from an appointment today and on Parrish Road I noticed a small herd of sheep, most of which had the fluffy backsides, but I managed to burn into my brain the exact pair of sheep and decided they had to be painted as soon as I got home.   The resulting painting shown here did have some challenges is the area where lighting was starting to wain because clouds were moving that had thick and deep grayish bellies in the clouds. and this results in cooler light.and warmer shadows,  I am please with the outcome. It will be up for auction on DPW.  Please click on the link.  Thank you  and GOD bless you with a great nite sleep.  I know I'm getting sleepy listening to the debates,,. Bob  Bates is doing a great job with controlling stumping   o

The Amazing Skateboarding Cardinal

The Amazing Skateboarding Cardinal 4 x 4 inches, Oil on Board OK, this little guy is not on a skateboard, but his pose sure looks like he is.  He's so cute!  My bird feeder set up complete with three feeders and one small birdbath is a big hit with the birdies in my neighborhood.  There is a chipmunk who tries to climb up the pole to get to the feeders, but the birds frighten him off.   Yesterday I registered my bird feeding station with National Wildlife.  It qualifies because I have 4 acres of woods and lots of places for birdies to make a home.  They also keep Cookie, my Schnoodle entertained.    Off to wash my brushes and start my weekend.

Got Our Lollipops On

Got Our Lollipops On 4 x 4 inches, Oil on Board At Daily Paintworks there is a paint your under ware challenge.  Well, I'm not painting my under ware, but I do remember the under ware of my childhood called Lollipops.  I believe they are still made, but hard to find...anyway the girls wanted me to paint them wearing Lollipops and flying to lollipops made with Honey.  Of course!   So here they are and they'll be up for auction.

Finding Peace

Finding Peace 4 x 4 inches, Oil on Board   Another visit from the deer that live among us.  I do have wooded property, but most of my neighbor's do not.  Yet our doe eyed friends keep visiting, walking boldly on and around some nicely manicured front yards.  Almost as a protest to deer hunters.    Although they don't know why, they do know they are safe with us.

Monday's Chickadee

Monday's Chickadee 5 x 5 inches, Oil on Board The neighborhood birds have found my feeders!  I have to move my small desk downstairs to face the window where the feeding station is.  There are so many wonderful little feathered sweethearts outside plucking away at the black sunflower seeds.  I also have a fruit and nut mixture and just recently added a small birdbath.   We are enjoying mild weather, but the colder weather will return and I want my birdies to be able to count on me for food.

Friday Wrap Up

North Road Field, Sold 6 x 6 inches, Oil on Board Part of me is glad it's Friday and part of me wants more time to work in the studio.  I've finished this little piece this morning and then took Cooper & Cookie out for their bathroom walk.  I left without my jacket...that was a mistake.  It's cold outside!   Now, I have housework waiting and then need to run off for a meeting, but when I come back, we order in and begin to enjoy our weekend as a family.  May you have a blessed weekend.  We'll be firing up our woodstove to keep cozy.

Tree View in October

Tree View in October 5 x 5 inches, Oil on Board   This painting is really from memory.  I have driven by this spot enough to memorize what I need to create an little painting.  I love this time of year and aside from plenty of rain, we are holding on to our beautiful color Autumn is noted for.   On another note, I purchased 25 lbs. of black Sunflower seeds for the neighborhood birdies that brave the winter.  I also decided to purchase a 5 lb. bag of nuts and fruit and set up a small bird bath.  As I write this, I can hear the Chickadees spreading the word.   I'm waiting for the squirrels to try and get to the feeders.  Of course, I have a baffle on the nuts and fruit feeder, but that does not stop them from trying and what entertainment.

Pumpkins on Pink Matt

Pumpkins On Pink Matt 6 x 6 inches, Oil on Board   I had more trouble painting this piece than I originally thought I would.  Every painting has it's problems that occur as you paint.  The best start can turn into a scraper real quick.  I kept scraping parts of this piece, changing this and that.  Finally it happened!  I love the outcome.

Apple Stack

Apple Stack 5 x 5 inches, Oil on Board     The other day, I noticed my mom had several shinny green apples in her fruit bowl.  I decided I was going to paint a couple and today I did.  The pottery was given to me years ago by my daughter.  I might try this again as I like painting apples.

October Starts

Two Simple Bees 4 x 4 inches, Oil on Board I had an attack of whatever bug is going around yesterday.  I was down for the day.  Today was the intense headache that goes with a bug.  I felt much better toward the end of the day and decided to paint a small and uncomplicated Big Bottomed Bee piece.    I also was able to catch up on daily chores.  So I'm feeling pretty good about my immune system right now.

Deer # 2

Deer # 2 5 x 5 inches, Oil on Board This is another painting from the small herd that visited my the front of my house last Saturday.  I so enjoyed their visit.  I have a love-hate relationship with these creatures.  I love them because they are so shy and beautiful.  I hate it when they get into our Hostas.    Cooper, my Mini-Schnauzer, decided my painting would come to an end at 2:15 pm today.   He just would not let me paint.  He jumped up on my lap, something he only does when he's frightened from a thunder storm.  I don't know what frightened him, because it isn't even raining, but I could see that he needed me out of the studio more than I needed to paint.  Now we are cozy together, He's listening to Dr. Phil up and I'm doing paperwork.   I would take a picture of him to post, but alas!  He's afraid of the camera too! 

Saturday Visit

Saturday Visit 6 x 6 inches, oil on board   Had the treat of a group of yearlings pay us a visit on September 29.  I was able to grab my camera and get pictures.  This little lassie was off from the group just a bit, making for a great subject for this painting.  Not sure I'll use the group photo's for future paintings.   I love deer.  I think the same reason I love cows...the big beautiful eyes.  I enjoyed painting this piece.  Don't know what tomorrow will bring.

Tupper Lake Woods

Tupper Lake, NY Woods 5 x 5 inches, Oil on Board   This is my entry for the Daily Paintworks weekly challenge.  This week features Birch Trees and I have my own source from my mom's collection of photo's of how Tupper Lake looked in the 1940's.    Thanks to strictly enforced environmental laws and restrictions, there are some areas in the Adirondacks that have not changed much since then.    I loved visiting my Aunt Ownne (Leona) when I was a kid.  Tupper Lake had wild strawberries and raspberries and I loved picking them.  I especially loved my aunt Ownee's berry shortcake desserts.  Her husband, Uncle Phil once baked up a batch of homemade saltines!  He make crackers from scratch.  Mine had sugar on them.  So many good memories of Tupper Lake and of the dairy farm in New York blessed my childhood.   I could go how the power went off all the time.