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Vintage Rose

Vintage Rose, 6 x 6 inches, Oil on BoardClick to Bid
This painting was inspired by a vintage greeting card.  No corny verse, just brushwork and my very own spin.

Gold Grazer

Gold Grazer, 5 x 5 inches, Oil on Board  Sold - Thank you
This was painted today from photo's I took last fall.  Not that I'm rushing seasons, but it was hot outside today.  Not that I'm complaining, BUT I had to refill the dogie water dish twice. Not that I want to be a cry -baby, BUT I had to water my raspberry patch.
Ever go to a place to eat, only to find out they don't take credit cards, not even a local check?  Wiped out my wallet.  "We have an ATM"  Oh, that's nice BUT I don't have a debit card.  I'm so careful with my starving artist's income, that I purposely don't have a pin number on my credit card.  So even though this ATM was all shiny and enticing, It would just reject me.  
On the positive side, my granddaughter is gracing me with a visit.  On the negative side, she was with me at the restaurant.   Oh did I mention she is 13?  Wow, how embarrassing can life be.  I'm just glad I'm not her mother, I would have ruined …

Morning Sun

Morning Sun, 5 x 5 cradled Gessoboard, Oil Sold - Thank you
I wanted to do something different today and went looking through my sources for inspiration.  I have wonderful childhood memories of visiting a farm during summer breaks.  So I had to paint a farm why not a piggy.


Maxwell, 5 x 5 inches, Gessoboard Sold - Thank you
I was trying to get the feather texture and iridescence of this Broad Billed Hummingbird.  So this piece is a combination of palette knife and thickly loaded brushes.

Puma Bagatti & Cadence Marine

Puma Bugatti & Cadence Marine 12 x 12 inch Portrait - Sold
OK, well this is the final painting for my niece and she has approved it.  She always wanted them painted together and I gave up after the first two days of failures.  I decided to paint them separately.  Well that didn't work either, so I decided to try again.  After a few tries, I finally got them right.
One thing that was new for me with this painting was that I used large brushes.  I think that allowed a freshness in the finished painting.

Ready & Almost Ready

4 x 4 inches, Oil on BoardClick to Bid Haven't posted as much as I normally do.  I've been obligated outside the studio a lot of last week.  Today, I finished a commission and went to my strawberry patch afterwards.  The berries are in and I'm very, very happy to harvest them.  I decided to paint two of today's little buggers.  BTW:  They taste better than anything you can get at the market.

Watercolor Hummingbird l

Watercolor Hummingbird l, 2.5 x 3.5 inchesBuy now on Etsy This is an ACEO or Artist Card Edition or Original.  In this case, original of a little lady Hummingbird.  I've painted this pose twice in oils.  I'm hoping to do a series of watercolor Hummingbirds.  
On another note, got my Shingles immunization today.  A very easy shot to take, so to all those baby-boomers who have turned 60, GET IT.  I'm so glad I did.
I also was blessed to remove the net off my strawberry patch to find that the plants are loaded with berries.  OK, they're still white, but maybe in a week.  I mulched the patch and put the net back on to keep my berries protected from bugs and critters.  After more than 8 days of rain, it was so-o-o good to be outside in the garden again.

Puma Bagatti, take two

Question:  How do you take your eggs?  Answer:  Anyway but on my face! Oh -I had egg on my face right after I found out that Puma is a female feline, not a king of the jungle.   My niece was very gracious about the assumption on my part, that Puma Bagatti had to be a name for the king of the jungle or at the very least, the king of her apartment. 
So I got back to work this morning giving Puma the eyes she should have had yesterday.  I did a little more work on her ears, whiskers and collar.  She looks like the princess of the house that she is.  Unfortunately for  Puma, she shares her kingdom with another feline princess, Cadence Marine.      

Puma Bagatti

Puma Bagatti, 8 x 8 inches oil on board, sold Puma is my niece's kitty and more than a month ago, she commissioned me to paint him.  I think I captured the attitude of most cats with this portrait.  They are so the kings of their life.  Maybe it's that Puma doesn't like Mondays.   In process photos are posted on facebook.


Wilbur, 6 x 6 inches, Oil on Board with Palette KnifeClick to Bid This painting was inspired by this week's Daily Paintwork's challenge titled "Pop the Peacock Challenge".  Offered was a photograph of a marvelous peacock but he was in with a background that included buildings, stones and trees.  The challenge was to simplify the background. 
I'm pleased with the result, although Wilbur was more than a little upset about the pink background.  But he's a proud and secure peacock so he decided not to let his feathers get all riled up about it.  He has told me that I shouldn't pull this on a turkey.


Tah-Dah! 6 x 6 inches, Oil on Board with Palette Knife I was going to give this special Hummingbird a first name, but the pose was just so about to take a bow.  I had to name it Tah-Dah!


Ruben, 4 x 4 inch, Oil on Gesso Board with Palette Knife  Haven't been able to put the time in at the easel like I usually do so far this week.  Tomorrow will not be a full day either.  But I'm hoping to round out the week with a full day on Friday.  Ruben is peeking at you!

Melissa & Iris

Melissa & Iris, 4 x 4 inches, Oil on Board with Palette Knife Sold, Thank you! Melissa and Iris is another Hummingbird painting.  Melissa is enjoying this budding Iris and I LOVE Iris.  I think it is the most beautiful flower.  Unfortunately for me, I don't grow any, but I know a place close by that does.  I plan on making a trip in the near future.