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The Heart of a BBB

4 x 4 inches, Oil on Gessoboard- sold It's been a long time since a painted a Big Bottomed Bee.  But I had a request from a patron and of course I said yes.  I enjoyed painting this piece, it was a great way to end the work week.


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Today is Draw A Dinosaur Dinosaur Day.  This is a nine year tradition for all artists, young and old and all one has to do is draw a Dinosaur!

 I started contributing in 2012.  This year, I wanted to create a lady dino.  She's worried about the size of her backside.  In fact, she can't stop looking to check it.  That's why this Dinosaur's genius is "Buttasaurus"

Valentine Fun

2 x 2 inches, Acrylic on Canvas- $ 15.Buy on Etsy Decided to just have some fun in the studio for Valentine's Day.  I know that I'm not alone to say this holiday can be very painful for some.  I've had my years of tears with Valentine's Day.  But not anymore, thanks to my husband of 25 years. As a child though, I have a wonderful memory of my dad using this holiday as a value in purchasing lesson.  You see, his barbershop was in a small shopping center with a drugstore as a neighboring business.  When I was about 8 years old, we walked inside to see the Valentine chocolate boxes.  Oh, those cellophane wrapped red velvet hearts!  Big and small, some with ribbon and plastic flowers, some were pink and lace around the edges.  Normally, he'd come home on Valentine's Day with a smaller red heart box.  What would be different this year, is I could pick what I wanted...but To get any of the larger boxes, I'd have to wait until February 15- when they go on sale fo…

Watercolor Snowman No. 8

ACEO, 2.5 x 3.5 inches $ 12.- Buy on Etsy NY city was supposed to be deluged with an intense nor'easter.  Didn't happen.  I'm not sure if they got the projected 60 mile wind gusts either.  This snowman is dealing with a wind of some sort.  Could be hot air...just saying.

Chickadee View

5 x 5 inches, Oil on GessoboardClick to Bid There are so many birds at my feeder today and all kinds...from chickadees to mourning doves.  It's cold and snowing and I'm so happy that years ago, we planted shrubs under the feeder pole because to them, it's a pavilion. Close by, is the heated bird bath.  If I could house them, I would.  However, they're content to use all the nooks and cranny's in the woods to hunker down at night. 

Frosted Chickadee

4 x 4 inches, Oil on Gessoboard - $ 50. Sold - Thank you Back in the studio today after having my second Cardiac Ablation procedure on Tuesday, January 20.  Wow!  I believe a sure sign of a very good surgeon is how quick you recover. I have a very, very, good electro- physiology surgeon because I'm really feeling great and thought about singing, but...I have a strong connection to a band of birds who sing while munching the black oil sunflower seeds at our feeders.  Of those, this Chickadee was my inspiration for today.  All is good because he did the singing and I did the painting.  And one more item:  Prayer.  People prayed for me and I believe in the power of prayer.  I'm thankful for praying people,  my surgeon's skill and dedication and the LORD who guided his hands.  

Snow Beak

5 x 7 inches, Oil on Gessoboard - $60. Etsy Shop It seems that some birds would rather glean birdseed from the ground than perch on the feeder.  And as in the example of this cardinal, get snow on their beaks by doing so.  Maybe I should mind my own business.

Two Snow Cones

4 x 4 inches, Oil on Gessoboard Sold - Thank you Every now and then, I get humbled at the easel.  Like all artists, I have a love-hate relationship with it.  This painting was inspired by a recent trip to the doctors.  I've seen these shacks many times and each time I say: "I need to pull over and get a picture"  followed by, "I'll do it next time."  Sound familiar?  Well yesterday, I pulled over and got the picture. When I got home, I was very excited to begin painting.  The Easy-Peasey, this will be a piece of cake attitude was as thick as cigar smoke.  I started out very worthy of my swelled head, but believe me, it went downhill. It's amazing how quickly I can turn on myself.  It  started by reminding myself how much housework I have, before I took my next breath, I reasoned that I could have made a nice dessert, cleaned the house, changed the oil in my car and put on a new roof on the house.  I walked out of the studio convinced I couldn't dra…

Charlie Ferguson

6 x 6 inches, Oil on Gessoboard - Sold Charlie Ferguson is inspired by this morning's visit to our neighborhood auto repair shop, Ferguson's Garage.  The older Ferguson (Charlie) smokes cigars. There is usually a box of doughnuts and one or two other men sitting around. There is never any swearing and the shop is very clean.  But the best part is their honesty and reasonable prices.  All of which is a rare commodity, but not as rare as an otter smoking a cigar.  

River Otter Mugshot No. 8

5 x 5 inches Oil on Gessoboard -$ 75. Sold - Thank you Very glad to be at the easel today.  So had to pick an otter pose that would say just that...happy artist, happy otter.  And why is painting a happy otter so important today?  Because I've been very sick since January 6.   Started out with just a tickle cough and usually, a couple of large doses of Vitamin C does it.  But...Not last week.  You could say I had the typical cold, but that quickly fell into a full blown bronchial infection. Antibiotics are still miracle drugs.

River Otter Mug Shot No.7

River Otter Mug Shot No. 7, Oil on Gessoboard 5 x 5 inches, $ 60.00 Click to buy OK,  so now I'm having problems with my blogger account.  I can thank a certain teenage member of the family who was visiting her grandma, kidnapped my computer and signed me off google.

I've been trying to fix the blogger problem, but now find I have a computer problem.  See, I don't know what I'm doing, but that doesn't stop me from pressing buttons. Even though my screen doesn't have the same layout, I'm good because I can post today's painting.