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Salted Bear

Gave this bear some salty flavor- more color!

The Amazing Nursing Cookie, scan

Here is a scan of the painting I did on Dec. 12.  Still trying to work out Daily Paint Works.  I'd love to know how to get the widget code to copy and paste on this blog.

Ms. Bear Alla Scan

I'm a brand new member of - Ms. bear from a 11 days ago is dry enough to scan. If you are interested in buying it, go to:

Salted Bear

Today's offering features 2 vintage items, a bear decoration and the salt shaker seperated from it's hoosier more than 25 years ago.  The bear is not a stuffed bear.  It is rather something  that's hollow inside.  I bought it quite a while ago because I collect black bear doo-dads. This poor bear may have started its life black but now he's sun-bleached brown.  I'm happy with the outcome of this painting, because I tried to paint the word "salt" on the shaker.  I scraped that failed attempt off and then started again.  I mixed more carefully hued greyed colors. You scraped off some of your painting - you query.  Well, let me tell you that I learned the HARD way to fold my cards early when I'm not playing a winning hand.   The best time to scrape and repaint is, just after you hear your artist's eye scream to your brain: "  What the heck are you doing?!  The horse is dead already, let it rest in peace." - Brande 

Ms. Bear

Another picture taken with my cell phone.  I was made to paint in oil, so the cell phone is a great way to document work while it needs to dry.  I love black bears- although I would not want to meet one.  I especially love the way this painting came out.  It's for sale for $ 75.00 - Brande

The Amazing Nursing Cookie

Cookie is my Schnoodle, a breed that is fifty percent Mini-Schnazuer and fifty percent Mini-Poodle.  She's one hundred percent love.  We adopted her almost one year ago and at that time, she was two years old.  She still nurses.  Don't leave your blankie out, she'll gather up a musselful and go to town. She's not picky about what blankie she nurses on.  It could be a Walmart couch throw at my house, or Macy's velvet on my daughter's couch.  I now pack nursing blankets for Cookie when we travel. I'm so happy to be painting in oil again.  I painted this yesterday from a sketch and then  took it's picture on my cell phone, so it's not the best quality.  When dry, I'll scan it, but at least I've learned how to save phone pictures to the memory card, push the same card into my printer and SAVE the file.  This took about 4 hours to figure out, because I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to using photo-printer type devices

The Finished Izzie, Cropped

This is the adorable finished Izzie portrait, cropped. Below is the full finished portrait.  I just want to scoop her up and snuggle.  She's still not potty trained, so Izzie's family does not feel the same! This pup wants a treat!

Another Watercolor

It seems that I just can't break out the oil paints, but I did start a watercolor portrait of a Shiz-Tsu.  I do have just a little bit more to go.  This is where I can blow the whole painting if I over do it.  Still waking up with headaches, but they are milder.  I'm shopping later today, I'll look for disposable medical face masks and see if they help with oil painting headaches.