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Strutting the Run

This is a painting I did a couple of weeks ago.  Chickens have attitude.  I wish I could and get away with it.  I would like to have a couple of hens for the garden bugs and for their eggs.  Need to get my husband to make a chicken coup, after he refinishes all my gold frames to ebony. Woke up with a migraine, took medicine and it went away.  It's coming back so I had to take more.  I'm going to lay down with my headache bag. my two puppy dogs and the remote until the pain gets better.  I hope Dr. Phil has something good on his show, I'll find out very shortly. I finished a large pastural scene with several outbuildings and black & white cows.  I also treated myself to painting a small 3 x 3" of a rubber ducky on top of a bar of soap!  That was so much fun.  Maybe I'll do a series of rubber duckies. - Brande    

Today's Painting

I've just enjoyed a wonderful week and Easter Sunday with family.  I live over 3 hours from my siblings, daughter and long-time friends.  I love the area that I live in, but deeply miss them.  I'm getting my paintings ready to be framed for the Portage Hill Gallery.  After May 4- Today's painting will be there, unless it sells very shortly.  It's available now at   Got caught in a pretty active lighting storm yesterday, very glad I was not driving.  Thunder followed and I could only think about my poor Mini-Schnauzer, Cooper shivering under my bed because of his fear of thunder.  I also adopted a 9 lb. snoodle, who could care less.  Cookie thinks she's a trained German Shepherd working for the police!  Back to the easel. - Brande

Good News & Bad News

What a terrible day I had yesterday!  Computer and internet problems.  I got so discouraged that I decided to just go to bed.  After a nap, I tried again and after about 1 hour of doing this and that, I finally was able to navigate, send and receive email.  This is like having your car break down in the middle of the highway when it's 10 degrees outside!  And oh yes, No cell phone. The good news is I've been juried into the Annapolis Arts & Crafts Festival that will take place June 11 & 12th.  It will be my first tent show.  I have to really get busy with painting.  I want to paint Spring Lambs plein air, so that might happen next week.  In the meanwhile, I'm posting a lamb painting from the studio. I've also been juried into Fresh Paint Daily Painters.  The address is if you click on, you'll find me under Art 2.  I hope to post a daily there also. - Brande