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Adirondacks lll

"Adirondacks lll", 4 x 4 inches, Oil on Panel Click here to bid My inspiration for this piece is the you thought I was going to go on about the rocks.  Well, I do like to paint rocks, but the Adirondack greens are what I wanted to capture in this piece.  The restfulness of the quiet....lake water.  I wanna go back to Tupper Lake!


"Evidence" 6 x 6 inches, Oil on Panel Click here to bid This is evidence of last night's snack attack which included a warm cocoa - made with real unsweetened cocoa and NO SUGAR, a bowl of cereal with peaches and a small biscuit with homemade raspberry jam.  I want everyone to know that I didn't consume all these items at once.  No, I spread it out through the evening.  Not that the calorie counter fairy cares.  That fairy visits almost every night- right after the sandman.  How do I know...evidence...after I rub the sand out of my eyes, I see the fat on my thighs.

Pellet Portrait

Pellet Portrait, 6 x 6 inches, oil on panel- Collection of Artist The weekly challenge this week for Daily Paintworks is "Paint your Pet"  I decided to paint my beloved cat that passed to kitty heaven last week.  He was named Pellet by my husband.  I wanted to name him roofus so I guess I can't complain. Part of the challenge was to make sure your values are correct by making a black and white of the picture source.  I took it one step forward and made a black & white of my completed painting.  I'm happy with the values that make up Pellet, but could have done a better job with making the towel that he's wrapped up in darker than the background.

Harrisville View ll

Harrisville View ll, 6 x 6 inches, Oil on Cradled Gessoboard This is the second painting from my recent family reunion trip to the Adirondacks.  When I first spotted this beautiful water-rock scape, it was from the car.  I stopped right away, turned the car around and went back.  If I was traveling alone, I would have painted en plein air.  But with a human passenger and two puppy passengers on board, the camera was put to work. 

Harrisville View

Harrisville View, 6 x 6 inch cradled gessoboard Sold - Thank you Lucky me, I have relatives in Tupper Lake NY of the breathtaking Adirondacks.  Lucky me, my cousin opened his home and camp to host a bunch of us crazy family members for a reunion!  A wonderful time and I took pictures...not so much family but scenes to paint. This painting is the first in a series that I plan to paint from the beautiful Adirondacks.

Is That A Hummer Overhead?

Is That A Hummer Overhead? - 6 x 6 inches, Oil on Gessoboard Sold - Thank you This painting is inspired by another flowerbed at Wool Works.  The Hummingbird is my idea.  I love Hummingbirds and I think many of you do also.  Knowing that these little creatures love flowers, I just had to add one to this painting.

Wool Works Lilly Patch

Wool Works Lily Patch, 5 x 5 inches, Oil on cradled Gessoboard Sold - thank you! This painting is my impression of a beautiful Daylily patch that was set against the lighter tones of the oil & stoned paved road and the lush forest.  Wool Works is a charming little gift shop that features wooly items like socks and sweaters.  Also there are cookbooks, including Amish cookbooks.  I purchased a book on preserving food.   Someone at Wool Works  has a green thumb and I took pictures of their mature and beautiful flower beds.  The master gardener has planned the beds so that flowers that end their season of bloom, are followed by  flowers that bloom later.  You just want to roll out the picnic mat.

Westfield Shack

Westfield Shack, 6 x 6 inches, Oil on Board Click here to Bid Yesterday, I took a few of my paintings to Portage Hill Gallery. On the way back, I snapped a few photos for future paintings.  This painting is the result of one of those photos.  

Wishing I was Fishing

Wishing I was Fishing, 6 x 6 inch Oil on Board Sold, thank you! This week's challenge for Daily Paintworks was to paint water.  I had a photo of my dog, Cookie looking out our window a squirrel.  I've been wanting to make a painting from that photo for several months now.  I took out my artist licence because I imagined the water and the rocks using memories of various lakes I have visited over my years.

July 7, 2013

July 7, 2013 - Plein Air - Oil on Board. 6 x 6 inches Click here to bid A simple scene that was harder to paint than I gave it credit for.  I wanted to paint outdoors yesterday and I usually don't paint on the weekends, but yesterday was an unusual day.  I've been in the studio painting quite a bit, but now that the monsoon type rains have ebbed, I'm going to get busy with plein air.

Little Green Apples

Little Green Apples, 6 x 6 inches, Oil on Board Click to Bid I took my mom to the market recently and she bought a bagful of the smallest apples, just a smidgen bigger than crab-apples.  Thinking how apples inspire Carol Marine to create magical paintings, I decided see if I could make a painting.  No magic in my studio, what I found was that I had to do a lot of thinking about what makes green...well green.  Now I'm going to peel them and make an apple pie! 

Summer Love

Summer Love, 6 x 6 inch Oil Painting of a Sunflower Sold, thank you! I was at the market yesterday when I happened upon a group of sunflowers in pots.  Price was only $ 2.99 each, so I bought one in anticipation of painting the little bugger for this week's Daily Paintworks Challenge.  Summer Love, will be one of a crop of sunflowers painted by a variety of artists.   On another note, please remember the risks our founding father's took in signing the Declaration of Independence yet they did it anyway.  Remember freedom isn't cheap and we are blessed to live in the USA because of the bravery and conviction of those who walked before us as we enjoy BBQs & Fireworks this 4th of July..