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The Last Day of February

It is gloomy, it is rainy, but there's a morsel of spring in the air.  I was outside to chase my Mini-Schnauzer, Cooper back in the house and I detected spring.  I explain this as a change in the fullness of the air.  A warm note well hidden in the landscape of winter. But even though we may have more snow, this is the day I felt that change when spring is about to ring...So I know spring is near.  That cheers me up.  Here is an oil painting of a hound puppy that is a commission example.  My new website is

Wolf Pup

It's another one of those days today.  A day where I can't get much done, because of dial-up and having to upload artwork to various websites almost everyday.  For some reason, all is running very slow...very slow. Well, I got this small watercolor done and I'm happy for that.  My other than studio time,  is booked solid with Corina's visit.  My doggie, Cooper has given me the brush since Corina's arrival.  To get him to even notice me, I have to be holding a beggin strip in my hand. Yesterday, I started an 8 x 10 oil of a hound puppy and in-between all my slow-loading projects, managed to finish it.  Need to get started on another large painting for competition and art shows. 

Carin's Smile

This little pup was painted on February 18th.  That was a power painting day.  I finished my large Coyote painting and decided I was on a roll and began and finished this one.  I started to get a migraine headache while working on the pup.  I did not pay attention to the pain level and when I finished, I had a headache that was high on the 1 - 10 scale of pain! Not to complain too much, but it's taken several days to get back to normal.  The thing with migraines is, you have to take the pain meds ASAP or you find nothing works.  That's what happened to me. Not much worked and I spent my cherished weekend in pain.  I looked so bad, I scared myself when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror! I look and feel better now.  I have my granddaughter, Corina with me for the week.  She and her friend, Abbey are looking over my old paintings telling me how much they like them.  Children's eyes see so much good in the world.  Little do they know that the paintings they have de

Janurary's Deer

This is a jpeg of a larger piece of studio work.  It measures 18"x 24" and just got back from the photographers.  I'm happy with the outcome of this piece. I'm enjoying a mild sunny day today.  My Mini- Schnauzer, Cooper and his neighbor snoodle girlfriend, Cookie both went to the groomer's today.  They look like a million bucks and I have to get pictures so I can make future daily paintings from them. Frustrated with on-line entries for art contests.  I'm on dial up and all of the files required take so much time because of it.  Well enough complaining, now it's time to get back to painting.  My coyote piece is almost finished.  Maybe at the end of the working day, it will be finished!  

You Have My Attention

Another boring, very cold February day.  Woke up with a migraine, but the medicine  worked so I got a workout in.  I'm so very sick of winter.  This watercolor painting of a calico is not my cat, but I liked the eyes in the photo reference so I painted it for today. Cats are mysterious creatures.  You always wonder what's on their mind and they don't were their heart on their paw like doggies do.  I used to be a big cat fan, but since adopting my Mini-Schnauzer Cooper 4 years ago, I'm crazy about doggies.  We still have a cat in the house and I love him as much as he'll let me but my Cooper is ready to give doggie kisses 24/7.  But the eyes of a cat are like jewels, at least I think so.  This cat wears her heart on her collar.  She's a little plump but carries it well.  She's a avid reader and is available for adoption.  See my etsy shop for more details. - Brande 

Something Different

75 years ago, In the winter, my mother had to stand in line with her siblings to take a bite from and swallow a raw onion and garlic sandwich.  Her father was serving-up the sandwich and you didn't argue with him.  He served it once a week to prevent illness and it must have worked because she did not get sick much back then. I'm thankful she did not practice this form of doctoring to me and my two brothers as we grew up.  Medical science has confirmed that onions and garlic boosts the immune system.  I've been suffering from cabin fever so instead of eating an raw onion, I painted one a  few days ago.   It's called Party Onion.

Another Bitter February Day

I'm posting in the middle of another horribly cold day.  Ran out of nearby wood so we don't have the comfort that the woodstove brings.  I can't stay warm without drinking something hot. The bitter cold is not detouring my mini-schnauzer, Cooper from frolicking with the neighbor's snoodle, Cookie outside.  They've been out the door 4 times since 8:00 am. My wolf cub painting of today howls not because he's cold but just because he wants to.  I'm right there with him.  Just made myself a mocha-latte, so I'm going to feel better.  The other thing I try to remember is that with every day that passes is one day closer to spring and summer. - Brande

Tuesday In The Middle of Winter

It is a lousy winter day..bitter cold and windy.  I'm happy to stay in the studio today.  I painted a small watercolor of my cat, Pellet looking out the window. How privileged well-loved pets are in winter as they don't leave their warm house to go off to work.  How privileged I am to be able to work from my studio inside my home.  It's days like this one, where I'm glad I don't rent studio space somewhere else.  And it's days like this one, where I'm so glad we have 4 acres of trees and a woodstove and a husband who chops the wood and...   

Lucy 2 Shoes

This is another Lucy painting.  I had to call her Lucy 2 Shoes because only two of her paws are showing.  She is so cute.  There are spots in the background that are not there.  It's my scanner.  I'm going to have to get out the alcohol.  Some for the screen and some for me! Today my car is in the shop for the accelerator.  I'm glad it's there because I forgot about the inspection.  It is two months late.  I also have a leaky stem on my back wheel.  Just what any of us needs...a flat tire in the winter. Need to get busy with other studio work.  Both Lucy paintings and my other smaller paintings are for sale at Etsy. com 

Winter, Cars and a Wolf

Sometimes you need the strength of a wolf to get through a bad winter day.  Yesterday was my bad winter day as the battery died in my mother's car.  The day before, my car's accelerator went in overdrive and I bolted out my driveway in reverse.  I don't normally thank God for snow, but I was thankful for it then as it cradled the wheels.  While I was at it, I thanked God for the car stopping at all.  I shifted it into neutral and then the brake worked to stop the car.  But by then, the entire car was mooning my neighbor's yard on Hunters Ridge. I've had some close calls with danger in my life.  But this is a different kind of fear reaction.  I didn't get over this for several hours.  I did call the dealership and they are going to look at it tomorrow.  The manufacturer will not tow it to the dealer, even though this is the same auto company that has a reputation for this kind of problem.  They say it's not the model that they have on record for this defe