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Broken Raw Egg Challenge

Broken Raw Eggs with Brown Shells 6 x 6 inches, Oil on Board This is my first ever (in my entire twenty plus years of painting) attempt at painting broken raw eggs.  If it wasn't for Carol Marine, I wouldn't even think they were worthy subject.  Just goes to show you can't judge an egg by it's shell. I need to say, I've learned so much while painting this piece.  Mostly with light, reflected and translucent.  I'm also very happy with the outcome.  I know there are some weaknesses, but I decided this is best I could do at this time of my career and stopped while I was ahead. Below are some images of how this progressed: This is a shot of the actual setup.  I love Pyrex ware.  I still have my custard cups from...well somewhere in the late 60's This is the painting pretty far along.  But I wasn't really happy with that black swath in the background, so I adjusted the color and value to make it reflect that this is going to be a happy painting. The only th…

The importance of Hummingbirds

Blue Eyed Rufous Hummingbird Oil on Board, 4 x 4 inches This little guy is very happy to have found natural garden flowers.  Probably there are more than a few nectar feeders around also. Most people love Hummingbirds and I do too.  I'm pretty sure that the national news had a spot earlier this month on how difficult it is for the Hummingbirds that migrate this year.  The weather and resulting drought has limited natural feeding and they are in threat of not thriving.  Hummingbird lovers though, are not going to let them feel that nobody cares.  There has been a plethora of nectar feeders placed all throughout the back yards of Main St. USA  to bring our buddies through a tough summer. This painting will be offered for auction on Just click on the auction tab and place your bid!

The days are getting shorter

Shoe Size 10 & 6 Big-Bottomed Bees Series 4 x 4 inches, Oil on Board Another Big Bottomed Bee painting.  This one features the difference in shoe sizes with women.  I'm a size 8.  When I was a young adult, I thought my feet were big, so I squeezed them into size 7 shoes.  I don't do that anymore! I've have over the years been surprised and relieved to find out that a lot of ladies are size 9 or higher. So I don't feel as bad about my feet, unless I compare them to my mom's or my adult daughter's little feet!  Its easy to see that summer is winding down.  The nights are cooler and I'm loosing natural light in my studio earlier in the day.  Part of me is looking forward to fall and then the holiday season, after which I'm really ready to become a hibernating bear. But part of me is a bit melancholy.  Maybe I'll feel better when the leaves change.

Complementary Challenge

Pennsylvania Peaches 6 x 6 inches, Oil on Board I decided to paint these peaches as my response to this week's Daily Paintworks Challenge, which is The Complementary Challenge prepared by Layne Cook.  No, the peaches are not complementing each other, even though they are hanging out kind of close to each other. What was planned for this painting, was the use of the complementary colors of green with red.  Well, more specifically a blue-green neutral paired with the warmer dominant orange-red of the peaches.  The cast shadows have all colors mixed on the palette included in them.  I really enjoyed painting this piece.  I love stepping up to the DPW's weekly challenges and hope they never stop.  They are a great source of learning.

Back to School Soon

Big Bottomed Bees & Bags 4 x 4 inches, Oil on Board Today, I meet my daughter on the thruway to bring back her Corina... My sweet granddaughter.  Corina is very aware school is starting soon and like any student, has mixed feelings about it.  Summertime is when Corina does a lot of visiting her grandparents.  She is in big demand and the scheduling begins almost as soon as the year changes.  Amy is hardly able to have Corina home for a full week during summer vacation. Well, I wanted to get to get a painting finished before we leave and Big Bottomed Bees came to mind.  As you can see, they have their purses because they are going to go shopping.  After all, there are many among us loading up shopping carts for back to school.  These three Bees don't want to be left behind.

Another Challenge

DPW Street Challenge 5 x 7 inches, Oil on Board
The first time I tried to paint this challenge,  turned out to be a scraper.  Then a couple of days flew by without being able to get easel time.  I'm pleased with this attempt.
I'm just getting my feet wet painting urban scenes and I never thought I'd put much effort into painting cars.  But I've found that I like doing both.
Years ago, I cut my painting teeth on old barns.  Back then, I was new to rural life and totally entranced by the many wonderful old barns and beautiful country views of my neighborhood.   
I'm so glad I found Daily Paintworks and joined the daily painting movement.  Because now, I can paint in the studio or out.  The goal is to start and complete a painting every day.  For me M- F.  The resulting paintings sell easier because they are smaller and easy to build on for the collector.
I have grown so much since starting the practice of daily painting.  I recommend it to artists who want to build…

Lamb Again

Before the Shearing 4 x 4 inches, Oil on Board Decided to paint one of my favorite subjects...Sheep.  In this case, before the May shearing, when they are full of fluff.  They look old before they get sheared.  I've seen them very shortly after a shearing and they look like lambs again.
This little fellow will be up for auction at

Billsboro Winery Plein Air

Billsboro Lavender 6x6 inches, Oil on Board, Plein Air This is the last painting I created for the 5th Annual Billsboro Winery Plein Air Competition.  This is a lot of work for the owners of the winery and I so appreciate their dedication to the arts.
The patch of Lavender in this painting is not really in bloom yet.  But I have an artist's licence and took the liberty to suggest it.  I've passed this rock more than a few times, telling've GOT to paint that!  So yesterday, at the last possible hour of the event, I did.  I love it, but left it there for sale.   $ 110.00 with frame.
And while I'm promoting my Plein Air paintings at Billsboro, let me show you my larger piece below:
Sanctuary View 9x12 Inches, Oil on Board, Plein Air This painting is the result of much trouble with the police and my dead battery.  I was in about 1.5 hours on a dairy scene when out of no-where the Yates County Sheriffs arrive.  They tell me that the pr…

Commissioned Bees

Elizabeth's Bees 4 x 4 inches, Oil on Board, Sold A very kind Big-Bottomed Bee fan contacted me for a commission to create a piece for her.  This is the result.  I'm pleased with the painting and so is Elizabeth.  There is only one name that fits this piece and so it is entitled - Elizabeth's Bees

Old Red Truck

Old Red Truck Challenge 6 x 6 inches, Oil on Board
Daily Paintworks weekly challenge this week was to paint an old red truck from a photo supplied.  This will be posted in the challenge section of
 I guess I love the old cars.  Back then they had steel and chrome, now we have computers and aluminum.   It was a pleasure to paint this truck. - Brande

Dairy Roots

Browsing Heifer 5 x 5 inches, Oil on Board
I had a wonderful gift for about 6 summers in my childhood.  I grew up in the city, but was off to a family member's dairy farm for two weeks each of these summers.  I loved every minute and if I didn't miss my family back home, I probably would never have left.
The work was not work to me.  My cousin, Sue sure could cook and made everything  from scratch.   Milk fresh from the cows made butter and whipped cream.  Garden veggies and freshly washed clothes hanging on the clothesline.  No one, including myself can make a pie like she did back then. 
Sue also showed me how to make 7 minute frosting.   I LOVED going to grange, because those farm wives really could cook and of course make the best chocolate cakes.
These memories are what inspire me to paint cows.  I love their eyes, it does not take much to please them and they do a great job mowing the fields.