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Otter Mug Shot

"River Otter Mug Shot" 5 x 5 inches, Oil on Gessoboard  Collection of the Artist I'm pretty sure there is going to be  River Otter series because after spending most of my day painting this little guy, I still want to paint another one.  During the process,  I almost did a complete scrape off, but there was this little tiny voice, no, NO.  Instead, I scraped a little area and took my time when I repainted. They say you learn something from every painting and that is very true with this piece. With this painting came my first successful attempt at building angles with the brush - notice the forehead of the otter, this is where I moved the loaded brush from the bottom to the top.  I also varied the pressure. With all portraits, the eyes have it.  I had to work harder than normal to capture the innocent eyes of a River Otter.  Also, you'd be surprised at how quick a River Otter can morph into a Seal, who can then morph into a Walrus if y

River Dancing Otter

"River Dancing Otter" 6 x 6 inches, Oil on Gessoboard -Collection of the Artist May 29 is my birthday, so I spoiled myself all day.  However,  I still wanted to paint, but not just any painting.  No, today I would make a painting of a river otter!  So I looked on line for inspiration and took a little artist liberty and came up with this little guy.  He's just so cute and now, I've got a crush.  

Rose Challenge

Rose Challenge, 6 x 6 inches, Oil on Panel I would love to be able to paint roses better than I do.  I only have myself to blame as I don't paint them often...I'd rather paint little critters and all things farm.  I cannot reveal how many times I scraped my previous attempts and still maintain some semblance of artistic I won't.  Just that I'm happy with today's attempt.   Now I'm off to the salon.

Owl Time

Click to Bid Owl Time, 4 x 4 inches, Oil on Board This little guy is my entry for Nibblefest's May "Time" theme contest.  I painted it from the wind-up kitchen timer that I lovingly use.  Red and purple, doesn't get better than that. 

Burch Mouse

"Burch Mouse" 4 x 4 inches, Oil on Board SOLD This is a birthday present for a very dear friend of mine.  I don't know, I really love this little guy...she might not get him afterall.  Well for now, he's drying.


"Gertie" 8 x 8 inches, oil on cradled panel Sold Gertie is an adorable senior dog Pekingese who will always be a puppy in her owner's eyes.  It was a pleasure to paint Gertie's portrait.  I love dogs and especially love painting their portraits.  Gertie almost looks like an angel. Yesterday, I went plein air painting with some members of the Pittsford Art Group.  I need to finish the two small paintings and they probably won't be considered plein air when I'm done.  The group had a lot of fun and a great lunch from a local cafe'.  Hanging with other artists is medicine sometimes.  

Dreamland Sheep

"Teenage Dreamland Sheep" 4 x 4 inches, Oil on Gessoboard, Sold This is one strange sheep, in a strange environment, but I think the two strange elements work well together for a painting.  I hope to paint the Daily Paintworks "Roses" challenge.  What better week to paint roses than mother's day week.

First Painting After Surgery

"A Pair" 4 x 4 inches, Oil on Gessoboard Buy on Etsy   This piece is a little more colorful than usual for me.  Maybe I still have some anesthesia in the brain.  I love the stuff they give IV just before they roll you in the Operating Room.  I ponder how these anesthesiologist's stay sober.  What a temptation they face every day.  They are special gifts to mankind and most of them are humble. One of the two that worked with me carried a backpack.  It does not hold books.  But it does hold the tools of his trade, serious drugs. I'm going to be 61 later this month.  I'm the Baby-Boomer generation and it's hard to see my generation retiring and being replaced by thirty-something docs, but this fellow looked to be all of 24.  When I first met him, he looked like the hippies I grew up with... the long hair, full face beard and otherwise 1st year med student demeanor brought me to the conclusion he's way too young to be taking care of me. Befo

On my way to recovery

Cardiac Ablation is behind me... I'm proud to report that I found some semblance of bravery, went through with this procedure and I'm glad I did!  When I did a google search and read other peoples experience, I just thought this is too much.  But although this procedure has several components and steps, it is by no means the nightmare I had envisioned. I can (without hesitation) say to those who have Atrial Fibrillation to move forward with this procedure if recommended by your doctor.  I am enjoying a easy recovery and only the complaints are: I'm still tired and have a small discomfort in the groin.  Not real pain, just aware of it.  Advil makes it go away. Best of all, I think this will work to stop those days of  waking up in A-Fib and being bed bound until I go back to normal sinus rhythm. Sometimes for 12 days.  For those of you who prayed for me and sent good wishes, thank you... it means a lot.