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I found a pile of sh--- in the studio!

I know you thought of the other s word and to be very honest, I have found that in my studio too.  Courtesy of my little Snoodle, Cookie.
In this case, look at the number of dashes- Opps! Three instead of two.  The s word is sheep.  I wish I had a barn so I could adopt a few.  Lucky me there are folks around here that breed and raise sheep so I have some sketches and photo's.

Here is one painting, it's already sold but still can bring a smile to your day and I hope it does.

Another Bulldog

I have a more mature Bulldog to post.  But even though he is older, he still likes to grin quite a bit.  Sure to make you smile inspite of the harsh weather of late.  I just heard on the radio that our own NYS thruway will be closed from exit 33 - exit 24 due to the rising Mohawk river. 

Sometimes there is a lot to think about.  Like the persistant flooding, hurricanes and  tornados hitting communities in various states.  The approaching 9/11 ten-year anniversary.  But there is also the true grit of the citizens of  the United States of America and the unconditional love of puppy-dogs.  My two, Cooper and Cookie fill my days with messy doggie kisses and wagging tails.   I love them and I love the USA.  Hope you enjoy today's painting.

I'm Back

If I was a faithful reader of my blog, I'd wonder if the author went to the moon.  I wish I could report enjoying a European cruise but I can't.  I didn't make it to the moon either.  I had a simple problem that I perceived as a mountain.  I had a bad printer problem.

"Spooler Sub System Failure".  I spent hours trying to resolve this problem.  Talking for hours with a non-native English speaking technical support person.  I didn't know what I was doing to begin with, add to that not understanding the speaker, just made for frustration.  When I caught-on to the tech having me do the same sequence, I ended the call.

Next, I tried spending hours with online msn help.  I used their toolbox and error wizard more than once.  I finally brought the printer and computer to a computer repair shop.  Paid 70.00 to find out they can't fix it either.  So I bought a new printer.

Why, oh why did I not do this 3 months ago?  I love my new printer, although I still need to…