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Friday wrap up

I'm trying to get so much done today.  I have to leave the studio tomorrow for about a week.  The good part is I'm going to my hometown for my 11 year old granddaughter.  My grandma time is priceless and I'm really looking forward to it.  But there is always something that needs to be wrapped up before I leave.  That's because my big motivator is running out of time! Here is a painting that I finished earlier in the week. 

Lamb Talk

I need to get serious at the easel as I need about 15 new pieces by May 1st to make obligation deadlines.  This painting is a subject that I love... lambs.  Well, I love just about any animal but Lambs are just so cute to look at.  Especially baby lambs, I just want to scoop them up and give them kisses. I actually got a kiss on my hand by a baby lamb a couple of years ago.  Simple gifts like a baby lamb giving out kisses lasts a lifetime and doesn't cost a penny.


It's a beautiful sunny day with warmer than normal temperatures for March.  Spring will soon be here and the birth of spring lambs and puppies is upon us.  Scanning I found this cute little English Terrier Puppy I named Chantilly.  She is available for adoption from I love puppies with their fat bellies.  Sometimes I wish they could stay puppies forever, until a housebreaking accident happens!

Cinnamon & Sugar

Today, I offer a little watercolor of two Lab pups that I named Cinnamon & Sugar.  I think this breed sports the cutest puppies known! The reference is from a very old calendar.  And for the copyrighted photographers out there, Its just a jumping off point, not a copy of any photographer's  work. After such a long time without painting,  I was afraid I might not be able to paint anything decent, but I'm happy with this outcome.  It is available to purchase at As I write this, Cooper and Cookie are cleaning clocks.  What is that?  puppy wrestling.  Cookie spends the weekends with us and we like that. Don't seem to be able to post the painting, I'll try again later. -Brande