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Winter, Cars and a Wolf

Sometimes you need the strength of a wolf to get through a bad winter day.  Yesterday was my bad winter day as the battery died in my mother's car.  The day before, my car's accelerator went in overdrive and I bolted out my driveway in reverse. 

I don't normally thank God for snow, but I was thankful for it then as it cradled the wheels.  While I was at it, I thanked God for the car stopping at all.  I shifted it into neutral and then the brake worked to stop the car.  But by then, the entire car was mooning my neighbor's yard on Hunters Ridge.

I've had some close calls with danger in my life.  But this is a different kind of fear reaction.  I didn't get over this for several hours.  I did call the dealership and they are going to look at it tomorrow.  The manufacturer will not tow it to the dealer, even though this is the same auto company that has a reputation for this kind of problem.  They say it's not the model that they have on record for this defect.

My 82 year old Mother does not like being without her car.  It's akin to taking the keys from a teenager.  She absolutely had to get to the drugstore that is 8 miles away for an over-the-counter medicine she can only get at that drugstore. 

In spite of the fact that both of our cars are down and my husband was not expected back until dinner time,  it could not wait.  A dear friend drove out in the snow to pick us both up to get my mom to this drug store. 

 Last night the snow storm from hell was due to arrive about the same time as the tooth fairy and drop anywhere from 10 - 18 inches of snow.  As the news was broadcasting, countless cancellations and school closings were scrolling at the bottom of the TV screen.  Well, either we got lucky or the weather man cried wolf.  I fully realize that some in the USA got clobbered, again.

So today, I painted a watercolor Wolf.  


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